We can understand the hesitancy and uncertainty that comes with having an in-law move in full-time to your home. Over the years of your marriage with your spouse, you have built your home and life together. You might have anxiety about an in-law moving in and taking away that space that you have built with your spouse or a slice of your independence.

With Linden Builders, you can trust us to build an in-law suite that will transform your home and still allow it to be your home. Instead of making your in-law feel like a permanent guest by putting them in your guest room, we can help you build a suite for your in-law that includes everything they need and still gives you a sense of privacy.

We are accredited in Houston, TX for home construction and would be happy to help you with the transition of having an in-law move in with you. Contact us today by calling 281-393-4008 or by contacting us online for more information.

In-Law Suite Addition and Remodeling

There could be many reasons that an in-law is moving in on a long-term basis, and we understand how important it is for everyone to be comfortable. An in-law suite can also be helpful for providing extra space for family members and friends that are staying for an extended time period.

There are many things to take into consideration when constructing an additional suite:

  • Where to Build It – Choosing the location for the suite can depend on permits. However, it depends on if you want it connected to your home or simply occupying a space near it. You can also convert and remodel current rooms in your home into a suite as well.
  • Any Special Accommodations That Need to Be Made – There are elements such as wider doorways, walking assistance, wheelchair accommodations, and more that need to be taken into consideration when constructing or remodeling an in-law suite.

Whether you want to expand on your current home, build a small suite in a space in your backyard, or remodel a current room in your home for an in-law suite, the expert builders and designers can ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

For more information about how you can get started with an in-law suite, contact Linden Builders today by calling 281-393-4008 or by contacting us online for more information.

Choose Linden Builders for Your In-Law Suite Construction

When you choose Linden Builders, you are choosing high-quality and customized services. We provide all-inclusive construction solutions for building, renovating, and remodeling. We have a reputation throughout the Houston area for high-quality, carefully designed homes and remodels, and have extensive experience with additions like in-law suites, kitchen and bath remodeling, patio covers, pergolas, and more.

Boasting years of experience, competent builders, and top-of-the-line products and equipment, we’re confident that we will provide you with the personalized residential construction services you require. Whether you are building a new suite or remodeling a space in your current home, we are the builders to do it for you.

When you choose us, you are choosing the one-stop-shop for quality home construction services in the Houston area. To get started on an in-law suite, contact us by calling 281-393-4008 or by contacting us online.